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Testimonials from clients and candidates

“We have worked with Prestige staffing now for 4 years and have always appreciated their dedication to finding us qualified candidates. They are very through in their vetting process and provide us additional support by having the candidates do some of the required testing that our company asks for. We have hired many qualified candidates from them and always look forward to working with them on any new opportunity that opens up here at Mosaic HCM”

Air Sciences Inc.

“Our firm has worked with Prestige Staffing for over ten years and they have helped us with many of our most successful hires. Our staffing needs are highly specialized, and Tina has deftly learned, listened, and adapted over the years to continually bring us excellent and diverse candidates. Prestige has vastly improved the quality and efficiency of our hiring process, saving us countless hours of staff time.”

When it comes to growing my staff, Kyle and Tina have been the consummate professionals throughout the entire process several times over. From understanding my needs to finding the best candidates, they communicated well and followed through. For a small business like mine, it is crucial that I find the right match in culture and skill set. Prestige has been successful in addressing that critical need several times in the last few years.

A few words from happily placed candidates!
Prestige Career

I LOVE working with Tina! She has helped me land three wonderful positions over the last 15 years. All positions have been diamonds in the rough. Because of the unique needs of each firm, Tina was able to match my unique skills to create perfect matches.

Tina provided me with abundant amounts of information about my current firm before my first interview. She also coached me on interview preparation. It felt like she was with me every step of the way.

I am truly grateful for Tina’s guidance and for the connections she has made for my career. I appreciate the partnership we have created over the years. I am honored to recommend Tina!

MICHELLE FOX | Executive Assistant

In February 2019, I graduated from college. The next day, I was on a plane to Colorado to make sure that I could handle the climate, to interview with an employment agency and to hang out with friends. I visited for a week and flew back home. I worked for my employer for a week and packed a couple of pods and a U-haul and drove to the Denver area.

I had interviewed with three other employment agencies and I did not hear from them for weeks, so I found Prestige Staffing on a Google search and I made an appointment with Kyle for Thursday.

I had been so stressed with the entire move that when Kyle said, “I bet that your boss misses you,” tears began to run down my face as I was trying to keep my composure. She was so sweet and she assured me that I was not going to have a problem finding a job.

The next day, Friday, Tina called me in reference to a job interview on the following Monday.

I went to the interview on Monday and after several meetings with the potential employer, they made me an offer.  

I am so impressed with how quickly Kyle and Tina helped me find a job and how professional that they are. I highly recommend them for new employment. 

Deborah Preston

Testimonial: My experience in the beginning with Prestige Staffing and Tina was probably a little more unconventional than their normal standards. Tina called and told me that she had an opportunity where I could start the next day because the company had urgent need for help. I just moved here from Tennessee so I was definitely in the need to start working as soon as possible. I’m happy that I worked with Tina because I really enjoy the company I’m currently working for and I have enjoyed my time with Prestige. 

-Daniel Hamm

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